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Itoigawa Workshop: Start to Finish

June 4, 2014
Juniper Thinning

Juniper Thinning

May 29, 2014

Entry: Creeping Juniper – Juniperus Plumosa – South Africa

April 19, 2014

Entry: Juniperus sp. – Juniper – USA

June 26, 2013

This Kishu shimpaku has no need of any kind of foliage restraint. It’s growth is so slow and contained that it barely changes in size in one year’s time. Eventually the tree will outgrow itself and then some longer branches will need to be removed, and shorter ones will replace them.

How to ‘Pinch’ Junipers

August 29, 2012
San Jose Naka drawing

Working on a San Jose Juniper that was Originally Styled by John Naka

October 3, 2011
Final Image 1 - Front

Shimpaku Juniper (Juniperus chinesis sargentii) – John Geanangel

March 14, 2008
picture-sequence illustrates some steps of the whole work on dry wood. Many zones have been lightened by means of high-speed milling cutters; after opening two splits in the trunk, we wondered they revealed a natural hollow of the trunk itself; every shari has then been refined using gouges and fire; the operation ended with the application of jin liquid, to which we jointed titanium oxide, in order to avoid the formation of a non-natural patina (that's why powder oxides are to be preferred to tempera colours).

Juniperus procumbens var. sonarè…a long work

February 2, 2007