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Ficus Green Emerald Technique

March 25, 2013
Nature is the best teacher in shaping and growing bonsai. Observing the shape of the giant trees in nature will give inspirations to the bonsai man to design their bonsai. The intention is shaping a bonsai inline with the way of the tree grow in nature.

Bonsai and Nature

December 3, 2010
Figure 2 A sumo style shohin Willow Leaf Ficus growing in a very shallow pot that accentuates the trunk taper.

The Willow Leaf Ficus – The Best Ficus for Shohin Bonsai

June 1, 2009
Jerry pointing out what he likes about this stock

Jerry Meislik Ficus retusa Workshop – MABA 2006

July 3, 2006

Jerry explains the possible designs for this tree

Jerry Meislik Demonstration with a Willow Leaf Fig (Ficus salicifolia) – MABA 2006

June 11, 2006